Why IIS?

Sustainability is not a one-dimensional concept but is about the integration of various components at the macro level. In a state like Gujarat, many developments are happening sententiously like industrial development, smart cities, agriculture, and allied section expansion, temperature rise, consumerism, city expansion, and so on. In that scenario, there is a very high demand for one institution which will actively contribute in that process to help other practitioners to ensure development with sustainability. To meet that gap with responsibility, being the no. 1 and the only five-star university of Gujarat; Gujarat University is taking up the initiative by proposing the Indian Institute of Sustainability as the "Center of Imminence" for sustainable development. IIS will learn and develop the best sustainable approach, customize it, and integrate it with expanding developmental activities in Gujarat and across the country. The IIS will develop as a model institution for other academic centres also to make sustainable development a major theme of academic activities.