-Prof. Himanshu Pandya

Chairperson, Indian Institute of Sustainability

Dear all,

Since the past few years, we all have been witness to several changes affecting our environment, natural resources and overall health of the people. As we applaud the progress that we are making, economically and socially, we fail to notice that some of these actions are causing damage to our surroundings.

In order to preserve resources and ecosystems on this planet, there is a need to put in joint efforts by every individual. Today, every person carries a duty towards our planet by making mindful and sustainable choices.

India being the most youthful nation, the knowledge perceived by these young minds will decide what our future on this planet will look like. Thus, making it even more important to inculcate within them a sense of awareness towards working sensibly and selflessly for our environment.

With the establishment of Indian Institute of Sustainability, we aim to build an environmentally responsible society who shall be trained to put into practice the best methods in relation to the environment and technology. The Indian Institute of Sustainability shall work closely with the Government of India and other stakeholders in the direction of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. IIS shall also bring in international collaborations in order to achieve these objectives and provide practical exposure to the students.

May the Indian Institute of Sustainability be empowered to turn into reality what it has set out to achieve and bring in an everlasting positive impact on the environment as well as every person involved.

Jai Hind !