Mr. Sudhanshu Jangir

Director, Indian Institute of Sustainability

Mr. Sudhanshu Jangir, the director of Indian Institute of Sustainability, is a versatile and an accomplished professional with demonstrated experience in the domestic and international agriculture markets. He is currently focussed on expanding his vision of Sustainability in India. After pursuing his master’s degree from the Institut Superieur D’Agriculture, France as well as an Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business from Indian Institute of Foriegn Trade, India, Mr. Jangir has played the roles of the Founder, Director and CEO of major food and agriculture firms across India. He has also worked at many firms in France, Spain, Belgium, in the field of Food and Agriculture. He has successfully promulgated India operations for French group Axereal, established International partnerships to enable flawless supply chain execution across seeds, machinery, agrochemicals, and FMCG customer sales, elevating profitability for all the stakeholders. With a strong background in the field of sustainable development, he has a proficient track record of fostering exceptional growth. He has diversified professional experience, around the globe. Mr. Jangir, also contributed to the FPO sector as an executive and a policy maker.

In a decade’s career, Sudhanshu Jangir could create value for thousands of farmers and has been honoured with prestigious awards in sustainable development, value chain and sustainability such as the Young Achiever Award from Indian council of Food and Agriculture, Young Entrepreneur Award, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Rashtra Ratan Purashkar, Social Impact Excellence Award, and many more. Mr. Jangir has been the youngest speaker at the National Leadership Summit by the Ministry of Commerce in 2015, the Investment Summit by the Government of Haryana in 2016 and numerous other summits and conferences. Additionally, he has publications in the Agriculture Year book 2015 and 2016. He continues to work with great zest, dedication and creativity for creating a more sustainable society and shaping the youth of the country in the same direction.