Students of the Indian Institute of Sustainability, Gujarat University had the great pleasure of visiting PIDILITE Manar Centre for Agri-Horticulture Development.

18th June 2022

The Exposure Trip was planned under the leadership of the Director, IIS, Mr. Sudhanshu Jangir, and Chief Administrator, Pidilite Manar Centre, Dr. Virender Singh in order to gain practical exposure to Agriculture Technology, Farm Management, witness how SHG’S operate on the ground level. Students also experienced some most important concepts of Hydroponics, Supply Management, Seaweed Farming, etc.

Students of IIS were guided with the preparation of Lavender oil, lemongrass oil, Citronella oil, Tulsi oil, and many herbs like (Gymnema sylvestre) Madhunashini also with the production of mushroom (oyster).

We wholeheartedly thank PIDILITE Manar Centre for Agri-Horticulture Development Team to train each of our Agripreneurs and value chain professionals.

Finally, we would like to extend our Thanks to the gems of the PIDILITE Manar Campus Team for sharing extraordinary experiences!!!!