Life on Earth relies on "Panchtatva (The Five Elements)"!

21th April 2022

These five elements are Air, Water, Soil, Solar, and Space. Understanding the ecosystem services related to these five elements, and ways to value them, and keep them sustained for future generations, is very important.

This Earth Day, IIS is organizing a conference to discuss the Panchtatva of Earth, in collaboration with NITI Aayog, University of Ladakh, IIS Ladakh, Sher - Kashmir University, IIT Dhanbad, ARIES Nainital, CSSRI Lucknow, University of Glasgow, ISA Gurgaon, IISD Switzerland, Nayara Energy Ltd., Pidilite.

Eminent speakers across the globe from academics, industry, and governing body domains will share their views on “Ecosystem Services” and “Sustainability”. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to learn about the basics of Sustainability!