Access to overseas markets has transformed the way business is done dramatically in recent decades. In today's globalised market, businesses must incorporate as many foreign inputs as possible into their strategy, supply, and manufacturing processes. That is why a Sustainable International Business and Foreign Trade specialization is such a significant asset. Foreign Trade is a graduate business degree that educates students to integrate the operations of businesses in many nations and areas.

The specialization course in Sustainable International Business and Foreign Trade delves into the challenges that international managers face when working in underdeveloped and emerging markets. You will be able to manage in a global corporate setting once you have completed this course. You will not only get an understanding of the issues that current international organisations face, but also of the obstacles and possibilities that rising economies present. Students get the same training as students who earn an Executive Master of Business Administration, but they focus on purchasing, logistics, worldwide advertising, globalisation, and sustainability. They also study how to increase profitability by utilising outsourcing, importing inputs, and exporting completed items.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the ideas of foreign commerce and international business.
  • Apply contemporary business phenomena and assess the global business environment in terms of economic, social, and legal considerations.
  • Examine the principles of international business and the techniques used by companies to expand internationally.
  • Integrate the notion of global trade with international business principles.
  • Based on studies of International Trade Theory, explain the Comparative Advantages Theory and Supply and Demand Models.
  • Connect the theories of trade and economic development.
Job Profile

Career options after completing MBA in Digital Finance and Sustainability -

  • Foreign Trade Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Foreign Trade Analyst
  • Foreign Trade and Purchasing Specialist
  • Supply Chain Manager