Session on "Global Environment Changes"

31 Aug 2022

In line with its vision of “Global Sustainability”, IIS repeatedly organizes sessions. The session was conducted on August 29, 2022, and it was titled "Global Environment Changes."

Under the guidance of Hon'ble Vice-chancellor & Chairperson Indian Institute of Sustainability, Shri Himanshu Pandya, Hon'ble Registrar, Dr. PM. Patel & Director, IIS, Mr. Sudhanshu Jangir. We wholeheartedly thank Mr. Avinash Narayan Swamy CEO of “GREEN LAW” for sharing his experience.

He discussed his travels to Antarctica, the planet's southernmost point. As part of his voyage to discover the Indian subcontinent, he visited the IIS. Additionally, to raise awareness of his biodiesel vehicle. It uses burnt food oil, which is thrown by Indian households and Hotels.

After his visit, the students were extremely encouraged to contribute to the cause. He had a conversation with Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Himanshu Pandya & Hon. Registrar, Dr. PM. Patel about advancing this effort.