Launching 4 Different Student Clubs of the Indian Institute of Sustainability, Gujarat University in the auspicious presence of Prof. (Dr.) Nilofer Khan, Honourable Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir.

1st October 2022

On 29th September 2022, the Indian Institute of Sustainability held the inauguration of its various Clubs, namely, “EKYAM” (Placement Cell of IIS), “VIDYUT”, (Social Media Club), “PRARAMBH”, (Start-up Cell), “VIHAAN” (Cultural Club). This launch was done in the auspicious presence of the Honourable Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, Prof. (Dr.) Nilofer Khan, who appreciated the efforts of the students of IIS.

The formation of all 4 clubs is a combination of students from senior & junior batches. Each club consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary & another 10 members. For the proper & systematic functioning of these clubs, a coordinator from the teaching staff is given authority.

The reason for the establishment of Ekyam (Placement cell) is that it will work to bring on desired placement offers for the students in terms of both, profiles and organizations to work with. The placement cell also will play an important role in developing and sustaining a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the industrial and corporate world.

Additionally, a meeting was held among the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University, Honourable Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir & Other dignitaries of Gujarat University.

PRARAMBH (Start Up Cell) is IIS's one of the key club, which involves the participating students in a learning process totally towards becoming successful entrepreneurs with innovation as the recipe while sustainability is the ingredients of a delicious platter. The Club believes in the three pillars of a successful business start-up - INNOVATION: entrepreneurship: and SUSTAINABILITY. Students put theoretical knowledge into practice and take a holistic approach toward the integration of sustainable innovations, whether new ideas or amendments to the old ones. They will be participating in different competitions for start-ups, & will hold various seminars for new entrepreneurs, and will focus on Agriprenureship. They will be highly skilled in presenting themselves before investors so that funds can be raised for student start-ups.

VIDYUT (Social media Club) will become the six senses for the Institute and will update every news and happening of any event to the public at large. This will highlight all that is going on within the Institute and will provide an effective idea about the actual role-play of the Institute in better career building for every student of the Institute.

VIHAAN (Cultural Club) will hold all the cultural activities of the Institute and will define the unity and diversity of the Institute where it will outshine that, the institute is not only study orientated but gives its students a lot of exposure in different fields of their interest.